Out Now: Wave/Freestyle Collection 2018

21:21 Uhr

Our new 2018 Wave/Freestyle line is now online! New for 2018 is the Grip, the wave-weapon of champions, available in 5 sizes.

The name Grip is a result of the R&D process, defining exactly how much grip and drive each shape needs. The Stubby TE welcomes the new 82l and 89l sizes to the fine-tuned 76l and 99l and available in TE this radical yet straightforward model is a must-have for every quiver. Leaving a legacy in its wake, we wave goodbye to the FreeWave as we know it and welcome a new era! The FreeWave STB is available in 4 sizes, 85l, 95l, 105l and the new 115l, as well as three exciting constructions.The SkateTE is coming in 4 sizes (86l to 108l), feeding the hunger of progressive Freestyle fanatics across the globe with its mind-blowing acceleration, top speeds and power, this design slips seamlessly between aerial and sliding tricks.