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Take a journey across the ocean with one of our fun-filled Freerideboards which are now online!

You’re in for a Blast with the master of Freeride. The slim center combined with a wide diamond tail and compact nose means this range does exactly what is says on the tin. For 2018 the Blast 100, 115 and 130 line-up has been extended with a floaty 145. No wind, no worries, this is your ticket to ride. The ever popular Gecko range consists of seven fun and friendly boards ranging from 98 – 156, and available in two constructions (BXF and HRS). Drawing on our Ocean Minded spirit for inspiration, we created the eco-friendly Gecko Eco. Embracing all the outstanding riding characteristics of the Gecko, we use Flax, Cork and Bamboo to form an exciting layup with a fine finish.

Fuerteventura PWA Freestyle Grand Slam: Gollito Estredo 1st
Fanatic´s Gollito Estredo makes a winning start to the year with a incredibly stylish display! Gollito impressed the judges with some brand new moves and had to face Amado Vrieswijk in the final. The two of them produced a scintillating show and our 7-time freestyle world champion makes the perfect start to his title defence. Well done Gollito – you were rocking the show! Also congrats to Adrien Bosson in 6th and Arrianne Auckes in 4th!

Vincent Langer wins title defense at Multivan Surf Cup
Vincent Langer is once more crowned as the German Overall Windsurfing Champion taking out the Racing and Slalom disciplines @ the Multivan Windsurf Cup on Sylt last weekend! Congratulations Vincent, you were flying there:-)

FREEDOM TO RIDE - Fanatic Highlights Freeride Range 2018
As soon as the wind is moving the trees, the fields and the clouds, we get this inner drive to be out there. Even for our Worldcup riders Windsurfing is not just all about the biggest wave, the fastest speed run or the craziest Freestyle move. Watch our team cruising through the turquoise waters of Maui, enjoying the ease of our 2018 Freeride range, spiced with some FreeWave action and just a whole lot of fun on the water!

Kai Bates QLD 2017
Watch Kai Baites ripping in QLD, where he went to for the Noosa Festival of Surfing. After the contest he checked some spots around where he probably had the most memorable wave sessions with his ProWave!

Photo Credits: John Carter, DWC, Ian Bates