The First Defi Wind Caribbean - Bonaire Island - June 2016

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Copyright (c) Defi Wind

Copyright (c) Defi Wind

Copyright (c) Defi Wind

Copyright (c) Defi Wind

In 16 years of experience, there are more than 5000 riders on the Defi Wind to Gruissan. An incredible record which grows up with success after every edition.

The world famous wind & kite event "Défi Wind" is starting a brand-new Défi Wind contest in the Caribbean. Le Défi Wind is a spectacular sport event which has it’s origin in Gruissan, France. Founded in 2001 and now the biggest gathering of competing windsurfers ever! World known for the spectacular start of the race, where over 1300 surfers and 300 kiters start at the same time, on the same line.

After The French Ploynesia in 2015, this legendary race with previous editions all around the world is coming to Bonaire this year. The contest will be held  the 10th until 14th of June 2016.

Apart from being a beautiful island, Bonaire is known as an amazing windsurf location. World known of its relax atmosphere, beautiful waters and most important constant winds makes Bonaire the ideal location to organise this major surf event.

Philippe Bru

Le Défi wind founder and chef Philippe Bru is taking Défi Wind to a new location. He chose a beautiful island in the Caribbean, Bonaire. It will be a collaboration between Bjorn Dunkerbeck, the organisation team at Bonaire and Philippe Bru. This collaboration has all the know-how and skills to host and organize a promising new Défi Wind edition.


Bjorn Dunkerbeck

Windsurf legend Bjorn Dunkerbeck is competing in the race and will participate in the organization of Défi Wind Caribbean. His experience and know-how will be a perfect addition for the team. In collaboration with Bjorn Dunkerbeck we are sure, this new edition of Défi Wind will be a spectacular one.